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Freelance Design & Illustration

If you’re looking for an experienced creative designer then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve over 13 years experience working both in agency and as a freelancer.

I mainly work in Brighton on the South Coast of England, with a handful of London clients – but don’t let that be a barrier, I also regularly work with clients in China, Hong Kong and the US.

Should we work together?

I’m a pretty friendly person and enjoy helping people find the best design solutions for their business, I also understand that not everyone works with designers every day so I’m always happy to guide people through the process. I’m a creative designer, not an artworker, which means my clients work with me because they value my expertise and they like my design style.

That does mean however that if you’re looking for a cheap logo I’m probably not the designer for you.

It sounds simple, but if you like the work in my portfolio, then chances are you’ll like the work I’ll do for you.


Brand design
UI Design
UX Design
Print Design